We're an industry leader in outpatient
wound care and hyperbaric reimbursement.

We focus on maximizing revenue so you can spend more time taking care of your patients.

How can Medicor Group help you?

Medicor Group offers full-service coding, billing, and consulting services to outpatient hospital wound care and hyperbaric centers around the country. We are aggressive in tracking claims and managing denials, which ensures maximum reimbursement.

Hospital outpatient
wound care programs

Outsource your hospital’s revenue cycle management.

The advent of value-based payment has brought on a multitude of clinical documentation complexities. CMS is increasing scrutiny, as evidenced by Targeted Probe and Education (TPE) reviews. This can be a very time-consuming process to manage.

Few provider organizations have the internal resources needed to keep pace with continuous changes in requirements and guidelines. That’s where Medicor Group comes in.

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Stay compliant and profitable while taking care of your patients.

Physicians are required to provide timely and accurate documentation for billing and must demonstrate compliance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) ever-expanding quality reporting system.

On average, most physicians dedicate one day per week on administrative tasks. Reassigning revenue cycle management by outsourcing frees up that time to treat patients.

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What makes us the best?

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Billing and Collections

Payers can find many reasons to deny a claim. Medicor Group created a review process to ensure that claims are processed and paid. Denials have become the norm for both facility and professional claims. Our Denials Director identifies payer trends by analyzing A/R and works with the client to mitigate both avoidable and unavoidable denials.

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Coding and CDI

Inaccurate documentation often leads to inappropriate or unsubstantiated coding. Medicor Group provides a thorough review of documentation and queries physicians/clinics to ensure an adherence to national and local coverage determinations.

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Timely Authorizations

Medicor Group eliminates the stress of pre-verification by implementing standardized review processes to ensure that patient demographics and benefits are up to date. Timely authorizations mitigate the possibility of retro review processes.

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Process Improvement

Payer contracts, chargemaster, point of service collections, and third party vendors all have an impact on revenue cycle. Medicor Group will review your internal team’s process to ensure maximum reimbursement.

About Us

Medicor Group provides a streamlined, proactive approach to wound care and hyperbaric center revenue cycle management that maximizes reimbursement for hospitals and hyperbaric centers. Led by a dedicated team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in healthcare finance, Medicor Group offers premiere billing, coding, and expert consulting services to help hospital partners quickly adapt to industry changes, maximize revenue, and focus on patient care.

Vanessa Ploessel

Vice President of Operations

Vanessa monitors industry trends as well as payment and denial patterns in state and federal healthcare markets. She oversees denials reporting, recovery efforts, payor audits, and revenue integrity.

“Payor denials have not changed, however, managing them has become a great challenge. At Medicor Group, we feel it’s important to proactively identify root causes, reduce denials, and help our partners transition from denials management to denials avoidance.”

Why outsource revenue cycle management?

Inefficiencies in revenue cycle management can be very costly for hospitals because they often lack the internal expertise needed for proper coding, billing, and denials management. Outsourcing reduces insufficiencies and allows hospitals to maximize revenue and focus on patient care. Outsourcing also improves profitability, minimizes risk, and offers greater peace of mind in terms of medical billing operations.

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